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First we Feast: The Best Sandwich in NYC for Every Budget
Pork Katsu Hi-Collar
-Justin Bolois 

Grab one of the stools at Hi-Collar’s brass-plated bar and your attention is immediately drawn to the glass gadgetry behind the counter: a row of third-wave coffee presses signals you’re in a kissaten, or Japanese coffee house. Once the caffeine kicks in, be sure to devote your attention to the tiny kitchen churning out crustless sandwich revelations
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Gothamist chose one of The Best Iced Coffee

Hi-Collar was just named as one of 17 Best Iced Coffee
in NYC by Gothamist!


Who better to showcase the Japanese method of flash-brewing than Hi-Collar, a Japanese coffee house and cocktail bar? After choosing your coffee beans from a variety of regions and roasters, you get to choose your brewing method. Flash brewed is just one possibility for cold coffee that the caffeine sanctuary offers and it's the boldest and most intensely flavored. The hot coffee is brewed directly over ice cubes for a fresher and fuller body with all the intense aromatics and flavor you expect from a serious cup of joe.


214 East 10th St. New York, NY 10003
Tel: 212-777-7018

Business Hours:

- Lunch & Coffee Time -
11:00am - 5:00pm 7days
(Last call 4:00pm)

- Sake Bar Time -
Sun-Thu 6:00pm - 1:00am
(Kitchen Last call 12:00am)
Fri & Sat 6:00 - 2:00am
(Kitchen Last call 1:00am)

7 Days Open

No reservations
Credit Cards: Mastercard & Visa accepted
$10 card minimum for breakfast & lunch
$20 card minimum for bar service


about title

Hi-Collar: Fashion-alluding term popularized during the Japanese Jazz Age.
Symbolizes Japan's flirtation with the West.

During the daytime, Hi-Collar is a Western-inspired Japanese cafe -popularly known as kissaten - specializing in siphon coffee & Kissaten menu.

At night, the space transforms into Hi-Collar Bar, a place where 'high collars' are abandoned and sake is celebrated.

Day & Night. West & East. Hi-Collar & Chonmage.


Breakfast Lunch Coffee Menu

Bar menu

Menus as of March 2017. Price & items may change without notice.


we dream coffee
The 24 Best Coffee Shops in NYC That Everyone Needs to Visit
Jun 20, 2017

"Highly rated by pretty much everyone who’s anyone, Hi-Collar is kitschy and classy, rolled into one. Inspired by Japanese tea shops and jazz, you’re going to find two very different experiences depending on when you head their way. ..."

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harpers bazaar
Jun 6, 2017

"Getting your java fix isn't just a way to stay awake around the dreaded 3pm work slump, it's a ritual that people take seriously...very seriously. ..."

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new york times
East Meets West, and Cafe Becomes Sake Bar, at Hi-Collar
MAY 18, 2017

"The flames shoot straight up, and we all lean back, watching the light tremble across the brass countertop at Hi-Collar in the East Village, a Japanese coffeehouse by day, sake bar by night...."

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Where to Drink the Best Coffee in NYC
February 23, 2016

"There has never been a better time to drink coffee in New York City. Shops that name-check specialty roasters are popping up from south Brooklyn to northwestern Queens, new cafés boast the latest and greatest in caffeine-extracting technology, and there's even an active coffee scene in Flushing's Korean commercial district....."

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Tasting Table Article
By Katy Peetz, Food Editor
October 2015

This October, Tasting Table is getting away from it all. Come away with us as we explore the world of travel.
Ah, the elusive katsu sando. The Japanese fried pork cutlet sandwich (see the recipe) is something of a mystery and often hard to find outside of Japan...

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Sip these lattes, cappucinos and pour-overs at new NYC coffee shops this fall
September 2014

"Named after fashion slang from Japan’s Jazz Age, haikara, this thoughtful, 13-stool café from restaurateur Bon Yagi (Sakagura, Soba-ya) takes cues from the country’s kissaten, back-alley tearooms that serve coffee, sandwiches and other light bites. The East-meets-West digs include Art Nouveau lighting and shoji sliding panels behind the bar..."

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America's 25 Best Coffee Shops

"High-tech cold-brew. Vintage Probat roasters. Surgically precise baristas. From a Japanese
kissaten-style coffee bar to a traveling-bike coffee shop so Portland you can put a bird on it,
read on for 25 killer coffee shops with serious coffee cred..."

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101 Places to Find Great Coffee in New York

"The number of serious coffee shops in New York has exploded. Good drinks can be found
all over the city — even in parts of town that were coffee deserts not long ago...."

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8 Hottest Coffee Shops in NYC

"NYC restaurateur Bon Yagi has brought the slow, kissaten-style, of Japanese coffee-shop
brewing to NYC's bustling streets...."

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grub street
New York Magazine: Come for the Coffee, Stay for the Food

"This elegant nook is the only place we know where you can get a cup of siphon, AeroPress, or pour-over coffee fastidiously made by a friendly dude in a workwear kimono and a bowler hat, accompanied by a delicious pork-katsu sandwich on pain de mie with the crusts cut off...."

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First Look At Hi-Collar, A Very Japanese New Cafe In The East Village

"[Tokyo Blend Siphon] was one of the most articulate, well-balanced darkly roasted cups of coffee I’ve ever had, the kind that would make your favorite old-school coffee drinker immoderately happy. And the gorgeous Japanese porcelain it was served in, alongside the delectable savory-sweet munchies it came with, rounded out my coffee experience at Hi-Collar into a real delight..."

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Time Out New York Fall 2013 Preview
"Coffee’s new wave: New York coffee shops opening fall 2013"

"Taking its name from a fashion term popular during the Japanese jazz age, this 11-seat coffeehouse specializes in East-meets-West fare. During the day, the East Village spot serves siphon brews made with Porto Rico and Counter Culture blends, along with dishes such as omurice (a rice-stuffed omelette) and katsu pork sandwiches..."

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Hi-Collar Opens Tomorrow With the Blingiest Bathroom Ever

"...After a quiet test run last week, he(Mr. Bon Yagi) will open Hi-Collar tomorrow in the old Rai Rai Ken space (another Yagi venture, now relocated two doors down). The bar-cafe is a slim portal to Japan’s jazz, or “Taisho,” era, when western fashion and food first made inroads – up to a point..."

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Where to Drink Coffee in New York City Right Now

"There are a lot of places to get good coffee in New York right now, but a truly great cafe experience is also about the vibe, location, and personalities of the people that work there. With the high-profile openings of a couple of big-time coffee shops in Intelligentsia and Stumptown, plus the onset of iced coffee season, it's time to update the Eater Coffee Heatmap..."

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214 east 10th st. (Bet. 2nd & 1st ave.) new york, NY 10003 212.777.7018